Dash Poncho Instructions

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Dash Poncho Instructions

Have you recently purchased our Dash Poncho? 


Dash Poncho

Here are some tips we recommend for optimal suction and adherence to your windshield.

Before using the Dash Poncho for the first time, clean your window and the suction cups. Make sure both are dry. Make sure you push the cups completely to the window, with no air between them. If the weather is especially hot, or cold, that can make them less effective. When the suction cups get old and are not as pliable, we recommend replacing them.

We live in Texas, where it is HOT most of the year. We recommend during your hotter months, if the cups are on the windows for extended periods of time, they can become less effective. So far I have found that some Krazy Glue or Locktite in the provided thumbtack before hanging helps prevent this. Enjoy!





The below instructions are also included with your Dash Poncho and a QR tag is available for quick reference.

1. Before instaDash Poncho logolling your Poncho, ensure suction cups are installed on the top of the Poncho. Punched holes are provided.

2. Adding a drop of super glue to secure the thumbtack to the suction cup before first use, is recommended.

3. Along the top of your JEEP windshield, remove any stickers or labels on the interior that may cause the suction cups not to stick.

4. Next, center the Poncho on the windshield and use the suction cups to hold the Poncho at the top of the windshield.

5. Hook the bungees to locations on your JEEP that will secure the Poncho to your dash. You can hook to the mirrors, hinges, bottom of the dash, or the center console.

Instruction videos @ www.dashpocho.com